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Success Stories
Allan Kenyon  Allan Kenyon



"If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves."
   —Thomas Edison



"It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it."
 —W. Somerset Maugham

Barbara Kenyon Barbara Kenyon

Dr. Jim Devine, President,
EyeCare Specialities, P.C
"Kenyon Coaching helped our entire staff re-energize. This enabled us to create a positive work environment which is fundamental to quality patient care. Allan and Barbara have a great way of presenting the key to a positive attitude."

Ken Carlson, President,
Junior Achievement of Lincoln

"Our staff and students function better as a result of Kenyon Coaching. What flows from Allan's coaching is greater performance, job satisfaction, and an enhanced sense of personal worth."

Debby Brehm, Vice President,
Douglas Theater Company

"Allan was very professional and I believe everyone should take advantage of his coaching."

Cheryl Williams, Consultant

"Allan Kenyon is a coach who is with you in all situations. He keeps you on track and motivated. My success as a consultant and sales person is directly related to his coaching and being there for me."

Duane Klein, Owner, IGA Grocery Store
"I was coached by Allan Kenyon because I felt that I lacked the courage and confidence I needed to help me excel in my profession. As a result I have become more poised when out of my comfort zone, I'm able to work in harmony with even the most difficult employees, and I have improved self-esteem."

Jay Peters, Owner,
The J. Peters Company, Inc.

"When my employees and I experienced Kenyon Coaching we discovered a new understanding of ourselves and of each other. The result of Allan's coaching was a greater ability to work as a team with more confidence and enthusiasm."

Kevin Knudson, Owner,
daVinci's & Champions Fun Center

"Allan is one of the most motivating people that I know. He has made a great impact on my life. He is full of energy and has the ability to bring out the hidden strengths that you didn't even know that you had."

The Power of Why Not

Why Not — Go Ahead and Dream Big?
"If you dream it you can do it." —Walt Disney

Why Not — Go Ahead and Believe you Can?
"Whether you think you can or think you can't—you're right." —Henry Ford

Why Not — Go Ahead and Try?
"You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take."
   —Wayne Gretzky

Excerpt from the Kenyons' book, "Fire Up Your Life Now!"

Carol Farnham, Owner,
Farnham Communications

"My business has never been better and I owe much of that to Kenyon Coaching. Barbara helped me to quickly identify and address the obstacles that stood in the way of my success. I reap the benefits of her coaching on a daily basis."

Bob Saffer, Insurance Professional
and PGA Golf Professional

"Barbara is amazing. After forty-five successful years in business I could not come to grips with downsizing and slowing down. She asked all the right questions which gave me the answers I needed. Her genuine caring and understanding are her greatest attributes."

Susan Evnen Dinsmore, Underwriting Specialist,
Nebraska Public Radio

"Being coached by Barbara Kenyon is a totally motivating and uplifting experience. When you know deep down inside that you can do something but for some reason you are not getting it done, Barbara provides the impetus that takes you off the fence and propels you into action."

Lori Newberg, Senior Director,
Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

"Barbara Kenyon's thoughtful insight and steady encouragement enabled me to broaden my view and consider a path I would otherwise not have taken. As a result I seized an opportunity that dramatically improved my quality of life, both professionally and personally."

Len Weyeneth, Vice President / Investments, Stifel Financial Corp.
"In living our lives we all come upon forks in the road. Which road to take? When I reached that point in my professional life, Barbara was there. She was the independent, unbiased voice who helped me see my priorities, discover what questions I needed to ask myself, and determine what actions I needed to take. Thanks to Barbara, and her good business sense, I made one of the best decision of my career. It wasn't the first time I worked with her and it definitely will not be the last!"

Roberta Stick, Attorney
"Barbara provides a safe space where you feel very comfortable sharing your most private thoughts and feelings. Whenever we talk I come away with a clarity and focus that I didn't have before."

Rhonda Lake, Actor, Director, Artist, Educator
"Barbara Kenyon's Life Coaching is like having a guiding light and a career best friend. She listens and gently guides me toward my true dreams and helps me make them a reality. Barbara is my Fairy Godmother!"

Mary Ann Fredstrom, Qualifying National Marketing Director, Juice Plus
"Barbara is a delightful, skilled woman who helped me gain clarity in my life's intentions and core values. As a result I am experiencing greater abundance in my personal and business life. Barbara brings a breath of fresh air to those wishing to clear the fog from their thinking and grow to a new level. She receives my highest recommendation as a Life Coach."

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