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The Kenyon Difference:
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Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Even very successful people sometimes find themselves stuck – facing barriers that keep them from taking next steps to ultimate success.

Do you …
– want to overcome negative habits (procrastination, obsession with details)?
– crave new skills (delegation, organization)?
– desire greater, more meaningful levels of achievement?

Working with a coach can be the boost you need to finally make it happen.

Kenyon Coaching helps individuals reach new measures of excellence and helps groups achieve collective goals with efficiency and style.

Destructive Criticism can Last a Lifetime

The judgmental pronouncements of well-meaning family and friends can become shrill, ever-present, damaging voices in your head—and for years keep you from enjoying life and reaching your full potential! A good coach helps you quiet those voices, find your true self, and embrace all that life has to offer.

You Were Made to Triumph

Every human being has a path to victory. Yes, it takes a little attention and focus to overcome obstacles and build successes. But if you want it, we can help you do it.

Through the ages, the most successful people have achieved impressive goals through mentorship and coaching in some form. No matter what you seek, a proper coach can help you pull it all together.

To begin, you need to identify what’s getting in your way.

Destructive Doubts can Last a Lifetime

As human beings, we all must deal with barriers and little voices in our heads that hold us back at times. It’s not unusual to feel you could accomplish more, if only you could get out of your own way and create a clear plan.

Secret Bad Attitudes are Destructive

At times everyone feels low about their work. You may be sick of a company situation and having a hard time fighting off a negative attitude. Maybe you don’t feel great about your own abilities. A good coach helps you find causes, see positives, and come up with practical strategies to make lasting changes.
Sometimes it’s judgmental pronouncements of well-meaning family and friends that keep you from enjoying life and reaching your full potential! Sometimes we dread the work it takes to advance (laziness) or feel intimidated by the unknown (fear). In groups, we often find it difficult to get past personal conflicts.

A good coach helps identify and quiet destructive feelings and voices, find your true self, and embrace everything life has to offer. For those who already have reached great heights, a coach helps transform strengths into stellar achievements that define your life and create your legacy.

At Kenyon Coaching, we help leaders focus, clear away obstacles, and craft smart, workable plans to break through barriers once and for all! We help groups overcome blocks and work together in harmony.

Wouldn’t it feel good to lean into your desire for improvement and forge a path to your own brand of ultimate success?

Why Kenyon Coaching?

Highly successful people often face a combination of both personal and professional challenges that keep them from their full potential. Most professional coaches address just one or the other.

Barbara Kenyon is an experienced, certified coach who has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals by addressing personal and professional needs in tandem. Many of her clients say she has an uncanny way of peeling back layers, shedding light on the truth, and establishing practical, self-sustaining tools and routines.

You’ve Been Promoted. Now What?

A promotion is good news. But it can take you uncomfortably beyond your current skill level, especially when it comes to leading others. How can you get up to speed without admitting you feel unsettled by the change? A good coach cements your confidence so you can move forward decisively!
Barbara specializes in helping high-level professionals overcome action-slowing obstacles, unclog productivity, and move quickly toward more satisfying levels of success.

The Answer Is Within You

The Kenyon Coaching System is very simple – we help you understand yourself, get rid of grey areas, destroy obstacles, and confidently define your goals so you can get busy accomplishing them. With coaching, it’s easier than you might think!

We actually show you how to train yourself (or your group) to focus on and believe in what you want, so ideas come more quickly, things start making sense, and it becomes easy to take action.

Once we identify your direction, we keep working with you to create and implement a methodical plan that turns your hopes into realities.

Let’s Fire Up Your Life!

Kenyon Coaching offers both individual and group sessions to meet your needs.

Coaching for Professionals

If you want to take your career to the next level, discover a new career path, or break down barriers to high achievement in any area of life, the Kenyon Coaching system will help you set and accomplish goals easier, faster, and with more enjoyment than you can imagine. We’ll help you finally live the life you always wanted, perform at your peak, and make a lasting positive impact.

Motivational Group Workshops

If you are looking for an engaging workshop for your next conference or retreat that leaves your audience fired up, Kenyon Coaching can help. Our workshops are tailormade for the needs and culture of each group. The style of delivery is dynamic, enthusiastic, and humorous. Participants gain practical skills and solid strategies to help them reach goals and get more out of life.

I unexpectedly lost my job, marriage, and health, and I was overcome by anxiety. Then I worked with Barbara and she helped me realize I’m in control of my reaction to external events. Today my anxiety is gone. I am more assertive, decisive, and results-driven than ever, my career is back on track, I am healthy, and there is a wonderful woman in my life. Thank you, Barbara!

Brandon Halvorson, Business Data Analyst

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The Kenyon Coaching-To-Go Book:

Are you attracting everything you want in life – career, relationships, health, money?

Kenyon Coaching has guided thousands of people to happier, more productive lives. Fire Up Your Life NOW! reveals 25 secrets to help you unlock untapped potential – and put it to work right this minute.

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“In addition to her one-on-one coaching that helped me greatly, Barbara’s practically and personally written book Fire Up Your Life NOW! is jam-packed with legitimately effective strategies you can immediately use to improve your life and achieve your dreams…NOW!!”

— Spencer Conway, Managing Director,
Pitts Bay Equity Partners, Bermuda