About Coaching

What is Personal Coaching and Business Coaching?

Individuals and businesses now have a new kind of professional to help them explore their strengths and challenges, and turn their dreams into reality – coaches. Kenyon Coaching provides a unique range of confidential coaching services that tap into the best aspects of the world’s most effective coaching philosophies. Kenyon Coaching will help you take a close look at your life from either a personal or business perspective with the goal of helping you make changes that make your life more productive and fulfilling.

The Process of Coaching

As a potential Kenyon Coaching client, you will begin with a complimentary thirty-minute consultation. Allan or Barbara ask you questions and thoughtfully, strategically and methodically consider your answers, immediately helping you to focus and clarify your goals. They explain how coaching works, so there are no surprises. When you become clear about the coaching process and the potential benefits, you will be in a better position to decide if coaching is for you.

Once you hire Kenyon Coaching to help Fire Up Your Life with personal or business coaching, the process will be highly customized to your situation. The core of Kenyon Coaching is weekly telephone coaching and unlimited e-mail coaching. You will weed out the unnecessary and negative, and focus on the positive. Kenyon Coaching helps you set goals and construct plans to meet those goals. With Kenyon Coaching, you will find that you more easily follow through, celebrate successes, and stay focused. Businesses hire Kenyon Coaching for in-company group coaching to energize employees, fine tune people skills, and improve communication. This type of coaching creates a more productive team spirit for the entire company.

Our Story

As far back as Barbara can remember, her friends always felt safe talking with her, and she really enjoyed helping them solve their problems. Later in life, she did much of the same as a social worker and a manager.

When Barbara met Allan, she quickly discovered that they had a lot in common. Allan had been a fraternity brother of her late husband, and he had coached many people throughout his twenty years with Dale Carnegie Training. His dream was to open his own self-improvement business, and after they married, they created Seminars and Training Systems. Their new company offered motivational training to help individuals and businesses attain their goals faster.

In 1998, when Allan and Barbara first heard about a new profession called Life Coaching, they were intrigued. So intrigued that in a matter of weeks, Allan was on a plane headed for the International Coach Federation Convention in Phoenix. He was excited about what he learned and went on to become a trained personal and business coach.

Soon after, Barbara realized that was her calling as well. She went through her own coach training and became a partner in Kenyon Coaching. Barbara explains, “Coaching is not what we do; it’s who we are. We help people discover their unique potential and it brings us tremendous joy!"

Are You Open to Exploring How Kenyon Coaching Can Help?

We’d like to offer you a thirty-minute complimentary telephone coaching consultation. You will actually experience some coaching and discover how it can help you get the results you really want.