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FIRE UP YOUR LIFE NOW! By Allan and Barbara Kenyon

Are You Attracting Everything You Want in Your Life – Career, Relationships, Health, Money?
Now you can benefit from the unique Kenyon Coaching system that has guided thousands of people to happier, more productive lives. Fire Up Your Life Now! reveals 25 secrets to help you unlock your untapped potential – and put it to work today.

Business and personal coaches Allan and Barbara Kenyon tell how their simple yet powerful approach helps you attract what you really want in your life and work. The book provides key questions and exercises designed to turn Kenyon Coaching secrets into specific, customized actions that lead to amazing results.

Learn how to:
– Identify barriers, improve focus
– Build confidence, reduce fear
– Increase happiness, decrease stress
– Take action, eliminate procrastination
– Obtain peace, erase worry

Are you ready to develop the self-confidence and motivation you need to make positive changes in your life?
Discover what’s blocking you from creating the life you deserve.
Start living a fired-up life today!

“If you believe your success is dependent on your dreams and your courage to pursue them, then Kenyon Coaching’s mindset and ethos is for you. In addition to Barbara’s one-on-one coaching that helped me greatly, her practically and personally written book Fire Up Your Life NOW! is jam-packed with legitimately effective strategies I use regularly to improve my life. Don’t wait. Buy the book and help your ‘dreams put on work clothes!'”

— Spencer Conway, Managing Director,
Pitts Bay Equity Partners, Bermuda
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