The Coaches

Barbara and Allan have been working together since 1989, guiding thousands of people to live happier, more productive lives.

 “If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." ~Tony Robbins

The Coaches

Allan and Barbara both provide the highest integrity of services. With a solid background in counseling, coaching, business development, and life skills training, Kenyon Coaching are two of the industry's best choices for serious business and personal coaching. Their unique blend of qualifications allows them to approach your needs with objectivity and compassion. They possess life skills and extensive coach training that enable you to receive results quickly and easily.

Kenyon Coaching's motivational presentation will supercharge your audience! A dynamic style, enthusiastic and humorous, while keeping audiences motivated and involved. We provide participants with practical skills and solid strategies to help participants which their goals and get more out of their life. Learn more about how their acclaimed presentation can help your organization.

Barbara Kenyon

My passion is seeing people realize that they have the power to deal effectively with their personal and business challenges. As a professional coach I really enjoy helping my clients strengthen their courage muscles so they will overcome their obstacles and reach their goals. My style is down-to-earth, intuitive, sensitive, supportive, and warm.

My Clients

Business Owners, People in Sales, Physicians, Dentists, Attorneys, Accountants, Air Force Personnel, Teachers, College Students, Adults with ADHD, Retirees, Widows and Widowers, Dressage Competitors, and People in Transition.

My Passions

Family, Two Poodles, Walking, Piano, Meditation, Bridge, Musical Theatre, Contemporary Architecture, Chocolate!

Education & Experience

Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation

Graduate of Coach U Training

Master's Degree in Counseling

Ten Years Experience as a Social Worker and Manager

Trainer and Coach with Seminars and Training Systems

Areas of Specialization

People Skills, Public Speaking, Building Self Confidence, New Career Selection, Interviewing Skills, Assertiveness Training, Getting Organized, Money Management, Stress Reduction, Grief/Bereavement, Retirement Preparation, Relationship Coaching

Allan Kenyon

I coach because I enjoy helping people become their own best resource. After years of learning what makes things click on both professional and personal levels, I help clients clear away the confusion, set priorities, and reach their potential. I have a no-nonsense style to help move you forward as quickly as possible, but I also consider myself patient and understanding, with lots of ideas for blasting through roadblocks. I approach my coaching with a sense of humor and high standards of excellence.

Who I Have Coached

People who want to get unstuck and back on track. Solo-preneurs, managers, and professionals who want to reach goals more quickly. Sales people needing to attract more business. People who want to renew themselves retirement. Men and women who want to discover their hidden strengths and talents.

My Passions

Family, Two Poodles, Biking, Golfing, Walking, Sandy Beaches, Reading, Science Fiction, Movies with Popcorn!

Education & Experience

Coach Training from Coach Training Institute

NLP Training with NLP Comprehensive

Twenty Years as a Certified Instructor/Coach for Dale Carnegie Training

Owner, trainer, and coach with Seminars and Training Systems

Areas of Specialization

People Skills, Public Speaking, Building Self Confidence, New Career Selection, Sales Skills, Team Building, Assertiveness Training, Getting Organized, Stress Reduction